I work with SharePoint. Specifically, I work on SharePoint development, but I also work as a solution architect, which doesn’t necessarily mean SharePoint. Finally, for maximum benefit, I also do developer and architect mentoring if you already have resources that need to refine their skills or learn highly efficient methods of working.

It is important that you understand these roles before you approach me so that you’ll know if I can help you.

SharePoint Development

As a SharePoint developer, I tackle a wide range of tasks related to building components and solutions in SharePoint. I master most of the development tasks of the third tier, meaning anything related to what you would normally call programming. In addition, I am competent in both first tier and middle-tier development, so I can quickly model both simple and complex solutions using all tiers of development.

In short, I build stuff.

Solutions Architect

In my role as a solutions architect, I design solutions without necessarily writing the code behind it or implementing the solutions. This role requires me to have a thorough understanding of technology, but even more important, requires that I understand business and organizational needs. In this role, I work as a bridge between a customer without any technology understanding and the techical resources who may not understand the organization’s challenges.

You’ll find that my many years of experience running startup and established companies means that I have a deep understanding of how to best apply technology to solve business problems. This means that when you hire me, I can almost always guarantee that I can equally build or adhere to the business plan as well as ensuring the implementation of a solution returns greater value than invested.

SharePoint Training and Mentoring

I am passionate about teaching others what I know. If you already have employees working or aspiring to work as developers or architects, I can guide them along the paths and teach them the skills they need. My teaching experience comes from being a teacher at a college level institution as well as years of online writing and tutoring. I also work as a faculty member at USPJ Academy, a college dedicated to teaching SharePoint to professionals.

In my mentoring role, I usually work closely with current employees to help them learn from real-life projects. By doing this, you not only get high quality solutions, but also training for the employees who will maintain your solutions in the long term.

Finally, if you are a consulting organization who are pressed for time and budget, I can and have previously helped develop models that will ensure profitability in a training program, without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Learn more about my SharePoint training options.


If you have questions about what I do and whether I can help you, please use the contact form to ask specific questions.