One of my passions is training SharePoint developers to become excellent, highly efficient, and productive professionals.

I have previously run the world’s first SharePoint university where I also served as a faculty member, delivering and producing SharePoint training for all skill levels.

My professional training options are primarily two services, but I’m open to requests for other types of training too.

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Individual SharePoint Mentoring

If you’re an individual seeking to move your SharePoint career forward by being trained by a highly proficient SharePoint professional, then I can help you.

Training is based on invididual mentoring, with periodic in-person online meetings and individually tailored training for self-paced studies.

Payment is per hour, US$200 per hour. Suggested pace is one hour per month. Limited seats.

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Corporate SharePoint Training

If you have a team of SharePoint developers that want mentoring to boost efficiency, quality, and productivity, then I can help you.

Training is based on extended in-person, on-site mentoring, in groups of 2-4 developers.

Payment is per two-week session, plus travel and accomodation. Cost approximately US$20,000 per two-week session.

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