You can hire me to train you in SharePoint personally. Over an hour or so of online, real-time, and one-on-one training, I’ll bring you up to speed on what you want to learn.

How It Works

On a periodic basis, you and I will meet in an online one-on-one meeting where we will discuss your training and I will teach you what you need to know.

Between the meetings, you will get homework assignments that will advance your SharePoint development career rapidly. I also record every session and make available to you for download so you can review your sessions later.

Every training program is tailored specifically to your needs. I will follow you personally, tracking your progress towards your learning goals, and helping you accomplish greater proficiency.

You’ll feel more confident, you’ll work faster, spend less time chasing problems, and have more time to spend on what you really want to do.

Current Availability

I’ll update this section on a regular basis with the availability so you know whether I can help you out.

May 18, 2014: I have room for two more students. Feel free to schedule an initial and free session to get started.

When booking, please use the Notes or Message field to tell me a bit about yourself, what you want to learn, and where you feel you currently are SharePoint-wise.


Have questions? Check here first!

How much does it cost?

You pay $200 per session we spend together. That’s it. How many sessions we spend is up to you, but a monthly session should be enough and will give you plenty of time to focus on the assignments I give you.

What will I learn?

What you learn is up to you, depending on your learning goals. For example, you may want to better understand how to build great user experiences, so we’ll tailor your training and assignments to that. Perhaps you want to pick up SharePoint Designer workflow skills, and in that case, we’ll focus on learning that instead.

How does a session work?

The contents of each session greatly depends on your needs, but here are some guidelines. Keep in mind, the sessions will be adapted to you so there are no templates that define what you learn.

During the first session together, we spend time figuring out your needs and where you are now. Depending on what you want to learn, I start outlining your training and assignments so you know what to expect.

In other sessions, we can for example start by reviewing any assignments you have or problems you face during your assignments. I’ll help you better understand anything that unclear to you. If time permits, I’ll teach you further topics related to what you are currently studying. Finally, based on your progress and needs, you’ll get new assignments.

How much work do I need to do?

That greatly depends on what you want to learn and how far you want to take your career. I suggest you start by expecting around an hour per day of deliberate practice and assignment work.

Can I ask for work-related help or additional help with assignments?

Sure! At any time you can book additional sessions as long as they are available. Check my schedule for availability.

For minor questions, feel free to email me directly too. If I can answer quickly, I will, otherwise we can bring your questions up during our next session.

Do I have to commit long-term?

Not to me you don’t, but to become truly great in SharePoint, you need to spend considerable time. I can help you reduce that time significantly, but don’t expect to be a guru within a few months, no matter how hard you try.

As for our mentoring agreement, you can stop at any time. You also decidce when the sessions happen and how often. If you need to skip a week or month, that’s completely up to you.