My terms are non-negotiable and fixed. Please read these terms closely before you contact me. If you do not accept these terms, I will not work for you.

I will be happy to offer you reasonable hourly rates, but keep in mind that someone with my experience is usually much more efficient than less experienced workers. A better approach is usually to get an estimate for total effort involved rather than comparing payment for a period of time whose output is different.

Once negotiated, my rates are fixed and will not go up for the duration of our contract. You will be billed a retainer equivalent of one month of work or 50% of the contract term whichever is smaller, as an advance. This advance will be due before I begin work. If you wish, you may escrow this advance at your expense and pending my approval of escrow service ( recommended).

If I work at your location, I charge from the moment I arrive at your location to the moment I walk out your door. Otherwise, I charge from when I start spinning up my workload for you and until I start shutting the workload down.

I do not charge for travel time between where I live and where you work, but if you hire me to work outside Norway, you need to cover my initial travel expenses to your location as well as accommodation near your location.

I do not take breaks for lunch, but I bring or pay for my own lunch, consumed while working.

My rates and value will greatly depend on the amount of work you have. For short term projects or projects with only a few hours per week, the overhead will kill productivity and require me to expect to do extra work to keep up to date, so the rates I charge will be higher.

If you accept these terms, please feel free to contact me so we can start discussing your needs.