I’m a developer, currently mainly engaged in game development.

When I have a glass of good cognac, I look back at a career that includes 20+ years in software development and IT operations, including numerous both failed and successful startups.

In short, I build stuff. I like to create. I like to learn and I like to improve at what I already know.

My career has recently included seven years as one of the world’s leading SharePoint developers and architects. During that time, I wrote more than 20 books and journals on SharePoint, more than anyone else in the world, whether you count publications, pages, or words.

Prior to that, I spent ten years running a local ISP in Norway and building software. I also worked for a few years in fairly heavy duty security scenarios, the details of which are mostly classified or under NDAs.

On and off during the years I have also worked as a teacher, including starting the world’s first and so far only SharePoint university. I’ve also spent considerable time as a mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs, software developers, and others.