Twisto – a 2D Puzzle Game for Those That Fear Rubik’s Cube

Twisto!Twisto is a puzzle game inspired by Rubik’s Cube but with a 2D approach. Twist the rows and columns to match the solution in as few moves as possible. Then, challenge your friends to games of wit with your very own code word challenges.

Unlock different game types and features as you play, including the dreaded Lights Out! mode where you cannot see the tiles you move and Endless Game where you have no limits!

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SPInvoice Explained (USP Journal 2/6)

SPInvoice Explained is an advanced developer issue that focuses on teaching good SharePoint development concepts to experienced developers. The solution SPInvoice is a training solution only, built to teach these concepts, using a mock but realistic software product.

In this issue, you’ll learn advanced SharePoint development concepts such as

  • Building solutions that upgrade across SharePoint versions
  • Understanding custom configuration options in SharePoint
  • Developing advanced user experiences with delegate controls and state management
  • Building rapid taxonomy solutions
  • Creating advanced user interfaces using jQuery and SPServices

SPInvoice Explained

SharePoint Content Types for Business Users (USP Journal 2/3)

SharePoint Content types are arguably the most powerful feature of SharePoint and are used widely throughout successful SharePoint projects.

In the USP Journal issue “SharePoint Content Types for Business Users” you will learn the why and how of SharePoint content types. You’ll learn both the theory and best practices and also explore how to build a complete invoicing solution using SharePoint content types.

SharePoint Content Types for Business Users

Beginning SharePoint 2010 Development (USPJ 2/5)

Learn SharePoint development and harness the full potential of SharePoint!

Beginning SharePoint 2010 Development is the second edition of one of our most highly acclaimed issues ever.

In this issue, you will learn the basics of SharePoint development.

 Beginning SharePoint 2010 Development

SharePoint Web Part Development (USP Journal 2/4)

Web part development is perhaps the most commonly used development technique in SharePoint. In fact, a major idea behind SharePoint comes from the digital dashboard announced by Microsoft in 1999 and consisting of a web part based application platform in which users can customize the application using web parts.

In this issue of Understanding SharePoint Journal, you will learn how to develop SharePoint web parts.

SharePoint Web Part Development

Building the SharePoint User Experience

The SharePoint user experience is critical in application architecture and user acceptance. Using tools available to all developers, you will learn how to rebuild a SharePoint site, taking it all the way from the default out-of-the-box experience to your very own customized user experience.

Introducing SharePoint 2010 (USP Journal 2/1)

Welcome to Introducing SharePoint 2010, the first book on SharePoint 2010, introducing you to what’s new in Microsoft’s next version of its collaboration platform. Throughout the issue, you will learn all you need to get started working with SharePoint 2010, whether you are a developer, an administrator, or an end user.

Introducing SharePoint 2010

SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflows (USPJ 2/2)

Perhaps the most powerful features of SharePoint Designer is the ability for non-programmers to easily create business tailored workflows to improve their business process management. In volume 2, issue 2 of Understanding SharePoint Journal, you will learn how to create workflows in SharePoint Designer 2010.

 SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflows